The Gospel of John

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Welcome to The Gospel of John to help you learn more about God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

Have you ever wondered…

  • Does God care about me?

  • Who is Jesus, and what did he do and say?

  • Should I believe in Jesus?

This study will answer these questions and many more.

How to use this Discovery and Reflection Guide

Bible League International wants you to know more about the Bible, God’s Word. Why? Because through the Bible your life can be changed completely.

In this study you will learn that because God loves you, he sent his Son, Jesus, to do two things. First, Jesus came to show us who God really is. Second, Jesus died for our sins and came to life again so that anyone who believes in him can be forgiven and have eternal life. When you read the Gospel of John and answer the questions in this study guide, you will learn what Jesus did and said. And you will know that God really cares for you!

This study guide is divided into five sections. Each section includes questions you can answer after first reading the chapters from the Gospel of John for that section. The questions will help you understand God’s Word.

Carefully read the Bible passages in John listed next to each question. The Bible verses have two numbers inside parentheses—for example, (1:29). The first number refers to the chapter in John and the second to a verse (or verses) in that chapter. They are there so that you can find the answer in the Gospel of John quickly.

As you read the Gospel of John and answer the questions in this study guide, ask God to help you understand his truth. He will! We pray that as you learn about the life, death, and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ, you will believe in him!

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